Игнатьев А. Ignatiev Andrei was born in 1977 in Balashov (the Saratovskaya Oblst of the USSR). All his family removed to town Rechitsa (the Gomelskaya Oblast, Byelorussia) in 1979. He live in Kaliningrad since 1989. He finished the Isakovo secondary school. Then he entered the Kaliningrad State University and graduated it in 1999.

Ignatiev Andrei studied Sanskrit since 1995, at first under the guidance of Prof. Khovanski, then without anybody`s assistance.

Ignatiev Andrei translates texts from Sanskrit to Russian actively now. He took part on the Zograph readings in the branch of the Institute of oriental studies in Saint Petersburg in 2003 and 2004.

The main field of his interest is philosophy, mythology and rites of Shaktism (Indian cult of womanhood).

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